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What is Wind Mitigation in Deerfield Beach?

The transition from renter to homeowner is a major step for most Americans. The responsibility of keeping your home in the best possible condition is entirely up to you. What most first-time homeowners in Florida don’t realize is maintenance is proactive, not reactive. Waiting until things begin to fall apart or damage can no longer be ignored can be a costly mistake. Instead, ensuring your home is as safe as possible for you and your family is key. A wind mitigation inspection in Deerfield Beach by Bad Dog Enterprises can help.  

What is Wind Mitigation? 

Florida, for all the beauty it has to offer, experiences some of the most severe weather patterns in the continental United States. With the risk of catastrophic hurricanes possible for half the year, we are no stranger to the damage nature can bring. Ensuring your home is prepared to withstand such powerful storms does more than just set your mind at ease; it could save you money. 

Wind mitigation is the process of fortifying your home against the strong winds Florida may experience during hurricane season and beyond. The experts at Bad Dog Enterprises offer full wind mitigation inspection in Deerfield Beach to ensure your home is up to code and safe for you and your family.  

What Does a Wind Mitigation Inspection Look For? 

When inspecting your home, our wind mitigation experts pay close attention to these six factors: 

Roof Covering: Your roof covering is the outer most layer of your roof system, so it is important that it is in top condition. We look for damaged or missing shingles, cracks, and other factors that can leave your roof’s internal components vulnerable to damage.  

Roof Deck Attachments: This refers to the mechanisms and techniques used to keep the roof attached to the supporting interior structures. Nails, screws, and staples are commonly used for the job, but may erode and fail with time. Wind mitigation inspections in Deerfield Beach check for this as well as proper spacing.  

Secondary Water Resistance: Because strong winds are often accompanied by heavy rains and flooding risks, having secondary levels of protection against water damage can protect your home and your wallet.  

Opening Protection: The most vulnerable points of your home to wind and water damage are the opening points: windows, doors, sky lights, and other portals. Inspecting the sealing around these openings can help ensure your home is safe against potential damage. 

Roof-to-Wall Attachment: Similar to roof deck attachment inspections, this is to ensure the roof is properly secured and supported. 

Roof Shape: The shape of your roof can impact your home’s risk of wind and water damage. Ideally, your roof should have enough slope to allow water to run off, but not so steep as to risk collapse with age. 

Why Should I Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection from Bad Dog Enterprises? 

Home insurance providers reward their clients for taking measures to protect their property against damage caused by wind and rain. A wind mitigation inspection in Deerfield Beach can help to confirm the safety measures in place within your home, potentially lowering your insurance rates. Moreover, we can help to advise your efforts toward improving your home. By pinpointing the exact areas which may need reinforcement, we can help to ensure your home is ready for whatever life and Florida’s weather has to offer. 

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