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Natural Termite Treatments Deerfield Beach

Natural Termite Treatments Deerfield Beach

The damage that a tiny termite can do to your home or property is staggering.

Once termites are inside your home, they will chew through the wood (and even other organic matter) 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week. They actually never stop. Which is why if you want to stop them, you have to contact experts like Bad Dog Bugs in Deerfield Beach to help rid your property of your pesky problem permanently. If you are one of the millions of local residents who are trying to go green and seek out natural solutions to the same old pest problems, you’re in luck! For many homeowners, finding effective natural methods for exterminating termites is a top priority. Bad Dog Bugs is a full-service pest control and termite control company that specializes in natural termite treatments for our valued Deerfield Beach and surrounding South Florida clients.

Termites can actually terminate an entire home. Yes, it may happen slowly over time, but once the termites have infested structural components, your entire foundation is at risk. Bad Dog Bugs is fully licensed and insured with natural termite technicians ready to tackle your termite issues with budget friendly options to help protect you from losing your greatest investment. Even if the damage termites can cause is slow going, they will cause major damage over time and you can end end up paying thousands of dollars in repairs if you don’t catch the problem early. Our Bad Dog termite inspectors will give honest and professional advice as to the effectiveness of any natural termite control treatments for your specific situation.

Pest Control Deerfield Beach

One of the many services that we provide our Deerfield Beach and surrounding South Florida clients with is home inspections. With Bad Dog home inspections, you can rest assured knowing that our over 40 years of experience with pest control will provide an accurate and candid termite inspection. Our highly qualified and trained termite technicians can assess and identify termite infestations no matter how big or small. Bad Dog Bugs is Factory Certified to perform spot treatments and whole home treatments with a revolutionary product called XT-2000, Orange Oil.

Every creature has natural enemies and poisons that will bring them down, and termites are no exception. For the termite, one of their biggest natural enemies is orange oil, which contains d-limonene. This compound kills termites as soon as it comes into contact with them, making it a very effective and expedient natural pest remedy.

The process of using XT-2000, Orange Oil as a natural termite treatment method is preferred by many Deerfield Beach property owners for several key reasons:
  • Treatment does not require evacuation
  • Pets and indoor plants remain safe
  • Your food and medicine don’t need to be removed
  • No potential roof damages

If you have been looking for natural termite treatment in Deerfield Beach, your search is over! The best way to get rid of termites for good is to hire the termite professionals at Bad Dog Bugs to conduct an inspection, determine the extent of the infestation, and recommend the most effective treatment. For more information about natural termite treatments and the best way to exterminate and terminate those pesky termites, call Bad Dog today!

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