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What We Do

We offer a wide range of services that help give you and your house peace of mind.


These inspections are performed by Florida licensed home inspectors. A Home Inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of a residential dwelling or commercial building performed for a fee, which is designed to identify observed material defects within specific components of the dwelling. We perform visual inspections to evaluate the functionality of the roof, air conditioning, and heating, plumbing, electrical, structure, grading, sprinkler, and pool, attic, crawl space (where applicable), kitchen appliances, doors and widows. We are also licensed to perform termite inspections. These inspections will vary in price due to the size, age, and structure of the home. The reports are written on site or emailed within 24 hours of completion of the inspection. Please call for a quote.



We are licensed to perform Termite and Pest control inspections and treatments by our company Bad Dog Bugs LLC. The termite inspections are performed during a home inspection or to meet minimal lending requirements, or for a mortgage re-finance. Please call for a quote.



Wind mitigation inspections can help a homeowner reduce insurance costs. These inspections evaluate the roof, type of roof, gable end bracing (if applicable) strapping, type of construction (frame or CBS), and hurricane protection on all openings and the type of garage door (whether it is hurricane proof or not).



When a home reaches a certain age, many insurance companies are now requiring a four point insurance inspection (roof, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning) If the home is older, check with your insurance company if this inspection is required. These inspections can sometimes be used to obtain an insurance discount.


This inspection is a documentation to verify the age, condition and life expectancy of an existing roof. Please check with your insurance company if this inspection is required.



We do repairs to wood rot fungus and dry rot which are normally caused by an excessive moisture condition.  These areas of concern must be noted on the wood destroying organism report or termite report.  We also do handy man work.

At BAD DOG HOME INSPECTIONS, our professional home inspectors perform 1,000’s of inspections, wind mitigations, 4point inspections and Roof Certifications annually, and have been giving clients like yourself, a greater peace of mind . BAD DOG HOME INSPECTIONS are committed to providing you with quality home inspections and related services at an exceptional value.


In addition to our home inspection services, our affiliate BAD DOG BUGS offers a full line of services including Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments, Pest Control, and Wood Repair. Our fully trained staff of professionals are qualified to service all your home or business needs.
Your satisfaction is our #1 goal.


Buying a new or used home can be a scary acquisition and possibly the largest investment of your life. We at BAD DOG HOME INSPECTIONS hope you will use all the necessary tools in your home buying experience and make the right decision in having a professional inspect your new “Dream Home” before you purchase it. You know of all the horror stories from friends and relatives about the thousands of dollars it cost them to repair problem areas that could have easily been avoided by a proper pre-purchase home inspection.


We at BAD DOG HOME INSPECTIONS are here to answer all the questions you may have and more!! Our qualified professional inspectors will do a thorough inspection of your new home, fill out a comprehensive report, and review this report with all parties concerned at the time of inspection. You will also receive the original copy of the report for your own records on the spot. When calling or emailing for your inspection, treatment, or repair needs, we have a full office staff handling all of your inquires.


– Air Conditioning & Heating
– Patio
– Termites
– Porch
– Roof
– Pool & Equipment
– Gutters
– Decks
– Skylights
– Sprinklers
– Chimney’s
– Garages
– Siding
– Plumbing
– Foundation & Structure
– Components
– Electrical
– Crawl Spaces
– Attic (Where Accessible)
– Major Appliances
– Fences
and much, much, more!!


To the thousands of new homebuyers, sellers and realtors who have already been under our care we THANK YOU for your patronage and return business.

Bad Dog Bugs termite and pest control is a father and son owned and operated company with over 45 years of combined experience throughout South Florida.


At Bad Dog Pest Control our highly trained professionals know where the bugs hide, what their eating habits are, and how to get rid of them. Our Technicians are fully qualified to service your home or business in all areas of Pest Control, and your satisfaction is our main goal. Our promise to you is that if your bugs come back, so do we!


We are fully licensed and insured and are recognized members of N.A.C.H.I. and F.P.M.A. and BBB.


Please call Bad Dog Bugs for your Pest Control and Termite inspections at our
1-800-677-7242 or E-mail us now for your Free Consultation and Estimate by one our professional technicians.


– Termites, Rodents, Bugs, Insects
– Bugs, Roaches, Cockroaches, Mice
– Scorpions, Carpenter Ants, Silverfish
– Ticks, Bees, Wasps, Birds, Bats
– Ants, Rodents, Animals, Fleas
– Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Pest Control.

Following Hurricane Andrew, Florida passed a law requiring insurance companies to offer their customers discounts and credits for existing building features and home improvements that reduce damage and loss from wind. In order to qualify for this discount, homes must undergo a certified home wind inspection. However, many Floridians do not know of this law.


Wind Mitigation are a valuable inspection service that may reduce your windstorm insurance. Insurance discounts are available for building features that reduce damage during high wind events. Most existing structures have one or more wind resistive construction features and may qualify for some insurance discounts. An Insurance Mitigation Inspection can help you save money year after year on the wind portion of your insurance premiums. The insurance companies assume your home has NO wind resistant features. Most existing houses have one or more wind resistive construction features and may qualify for some insurance discounts. In addition, houses built after 1994 in Miami-Dade or Broward Counties and houses built after 2001 in the rest of the state have many wind resistive construction features and will likely qualify for credits.




What is a four point inspection?

A “Four Point Inspection” focuses only on four main areas of interest in a home:
1. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
2. Electrical wiring and panels
3. Plumbing connections and fixtures
4. Roof


The inspection and report describes the condition and age of these elements.

The 4 Point (or Four Point) Inspection was created after Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in 1992. It is performed on behalf of the insurance companies and, typically, as a requirement for the insurer offering insurance to the new homeowner. The four point insurance inspection benefits both the insurance company and the insurer.


Why do I need a four point inspection?

Insurance companies have become increasingly reluctant to issue Homeowner Insurance Policies on older homes (usually 25 years old or more).


Their common concern is that there may be conditions in an older home that could become a liability to them. For instance; a home with a roof nearing the end of its reliable service life may fail while under the policy and the homeowner may seek reimbursement from their insurance company for damages to the home or its contents. Similar concerns extend to the condition of the HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems in an older home. If these elements are in poor condition, in need of being updated or replaced or were improperly installed, they may fail and cause fire or water damage to a home.


Newer homes are assumed (by the insurance companies) to not have these problems as frequently as older homes.


4pt-inspections-electrical-panel     4pt-inspections-plumbing


This certification is for insurance purposes to document by written and photo documentation to verify the age, condition, and life expectancy of an existing roof.


Wood rot fungus and dry rot are normally caused by an excessive moisture condition such as a plumbing or roof leak. These areas of concern must be noted on your wood destroying organism report or termite report. Most financial institutions require these areas to be repaired before extending credit to the purchase of a new home. Bad Dog Termite & Pest Control understands the needs of the buyer and seller. We at Bad Dog understand the urgency of having your home repaired and can normally have it done within a week. We guarantee all work for a minimum of at least one year.

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